Confessions of a Bookworm

Naked in Death (In Death, #1) - J.D. Robb Wow, so, I've been resisting this series for a long time, mostly because of the length of it. But I grabbed the first book on a recommendation from a friend, and now I have to admit, I am well and truly hooked.

I love the main character here. Eve is amazing, and strong, and passionate, and just plain badass.

I also thoroughly enjoyed the mystery, even if I had it figured out fairly early on. There was still enough suspense to keep the pages turning fast. And I felt that the mystery and the romance were perfectly balanced, although the romance started earlier and came on a bit stronger than I'd have preferred.

That said, I enjoyed the romance immensely as well. Roarke should, by all accounts, come off as too much. Too perfect, too intense, too something. Instead, he comes across as exactly what the story - and Eve - needs.

I can't wait to learn more about both of them as the series progresses. I apparently have a lot of reading to do over the next few months!