Confessions of a Bookworm

Glimpses: A Collection of Nightrunner Short Stories - Lynn Flewelling, Reece Notley, Laura Anne Gilman, Anne Cain What a perfect little book this is, and such a wonderful thing to read after finishing the current books in the series. I loved the collection of stories in this, especially getting the chance to read more about Alec's parents. And of course, the story of the bond forming between Alec and Seregil was a real gift. The artwork was gorgeous, and the perfect addition to the book.

The only story I didn't much care for was "Misfit". While I really felt for Seregil here, I didn't need his relationship with Korathan expanded on nearly that much, and it was especially painful knowing how that glimmer of hope the apprenticeship gave him would inevitably end.

Still, the rest of the stories more than made up for that one, and I'm so grateful to the author for gifting her fans with this bonus on top of an already incredible series of books!