Confessions of a Bookworm

Princeps' Fury - Jim Butcher It's crazy to me that I /know/ I read this book, but I couldn't remember a single thing about it. Every plot point, save one, was entirely a surprise to me. And the one is the only reason I'm absolutely sure my memory of reading it is accurate.

Which I guess really leads to my only real complaint with the book, and the series as a whole to this point. For everything that happens, it's so hard to really /feel/ for the characters. I enjoy them a lot, several of them, but with a couple exceptions, I don't /care/ about them the way I wish I did. For everything that happens in this book in particular, I would have expected to end it feeling it in my heart. But I don't. :

Maybe that will change with the last book. First Lord's Fury is the only one I never got around to reading, too caught up with other things at the time it was released. So...we'll see.

Either way, these books /are/ really enjoyable, and they keep me flipping pages long past my bedtime, and I'm glad I at least still think that. :)