Confessions of a Bookworm

The Ocean at the End of the Lane: A Novel - Neil Gaiman I had trouble settling on a rating for this one because, to be honest, I have no idea how to feel about the book. It's beautifully written, of course, because Neil Gaiman is a master with words. But I think it's hard for me to appreciate the content the way it's meant to be appreciated. I think maybe I just haven't reached the age where I can look back on childhood and think of it as something magical, because it doesn't seem all that long ago yet. And I think to fully appreciate this story, that's something you need to be able to do.

There were things in here I deeply enjoyed (and other things I found rather disturbing, which I think is par for the course with a Gaiman work), but overall, I found it...more tedious than anything. One day, maybe I'll re-read it and have a complete change of opinion. I think it's probably brilliant in its own way, just...not for me. At least, not yet.